Warehouse and Packaging

In order to store a huge quantity of manufactured products, we have a large and clean warehouse where all our raw material and finished goods are stored. Our trained warehouse experts ensure that the stored items are protected from dust and water. Our warehouse has adequate ventilation and is free from termites and rodents. The entire warehouse is divided into different sections where products are stored as per categories. This enables us to maintain a proper log of the products that are being stored and dispatched. We also make sure that our products are packaged in a safe way so that they do not get damaged while transportation. Since we export our products to international clients as well, the packaging material used is sturdy and wear & tear resistant. All our mannequins are provided with a glass base and adequate foot and calf support for proper balancing.A guidance chart or booklet is provided inside the hard corrugated boxes with an emergency  touch -up box kit for the mannequins packed.