Plus Size Mannequins and Dummies
                                                  Being zero size is the Read More
The accessories that are manufactured along with the mannequins to make them complete and perfect like an add on to make the displays even more at ease and pleasing for Read More
Jewellery Displays
Gold,silver,artificial jewellery, junk jewellery and form of jewellery for that matter looks best when displayed well.We at INM help our clients buy suitable jewellery displays as per thier store requirements Read More
Dummies and Dress Forms
Dummies and dress form or busts are not restricted to male and female but, the kids and pregnant women too.Spec charts not just for European styles but for U.K,USA and Read More
Abstract Art Work
Breaking the sterotype looks and patterns ,Inm has experimented on new and abstract art and mannequins designs which makes heads turn for second time at the window displays of various Read More
Sports/Workout Mannequins
INM has evolved from manufacturing simple looking mannequins be it sitting or standing .Sports mannequins have taken an integral part in the fashion industry as people have become more health Read More
Bulb heads
                         Our manufactured products are as per the industry specifications.Bulb Heads are ”in” fashion off late and they come Read More
Realistic Mannequins
Realisitic Mannequins has been on the ramp and window displays for over a decade and is suitable for many Indian stores and Indo Western stores too.INM has specialised in creating Read More
Kids Mannequins
Inm has designed and manufactured special set of kids mannequins with or without wigs and some with the latest bulb heads or headless forms as per the client requirement. Make-up Read More