Accessories are things which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive .
Indo Nippon manufactures has a range of  accessories that are related to mannequins like the podium,shoe -rod,shoe stand,dummy tripod stand,beautiful imported wigs of different color and length,eyelashes,hair extensions,glass plates,steel plates.
Apart from that we also manufacture hangers,fabric-steamer,jewellery displays, decors,golden pillar stands with cherubs,attractive revolving stands circular crome stands,show pieces/decors for walls,puppy dogs and grey hound dogs displays,etc.

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A wide range of variety, color and displays options from realistic mannequins to dummies to jewellery displays that were exquisitely displayed in Indo Nippon Mannequins office in Hennur .The mannequins were dolled up with  Indian and western outfits which made it easier for us to visualize our window displays as our company is combination of male,female and kids collections.Their prompt response in catering to our needs  and supply of their products helped in obtaining products on time.

A special care and check personally done by  the  director Mr. Chandy(CEO)and his son Alex Chandy (COO)is much appreciated and commendable.

Kalyan Silks

Initially when we approached Indo Nippon Mannequins, we were not sure of the options that would be offered to us other than our simple and straight forward requirment.INM helped us broaden our options and make our apparels be displayed even better through their unique styles and displays with great quality and gaurantee. During our events or shoots they would take extra effort to plan our displays and styles with readily available mannequins without delay.
They are very much approachable and good to do business with fair price and best quality.


We have been purchasing mannequins from Indo Nippon Mannequins for several years and we have had a very good experience with the product quality and service.They are very friendly and very flexible to cater to our needs.